New tachometer conversion by David Mendenhall

3 pt hITCH

Standards and replacement parts


Rims for Italian tractors.


For restorations, we have a line on a beautiful set of reproduction decals.

Brake parts

Get information on brake setup, replacement parts and substitutions.

Specialty Parts for Euro Articulating Tractors

Tractor Parts

We carry the largest inventory of Pasquali tractor parts in North America. We stock pressure plates, clutch discs, release bearings, clutch / throttle cables, transmission parts, pinions, crown gears, sat gears, cardan joints, u-joints, hydraulic pumps, alternators, regulators, head lights, tail lights, axles, bearings, steering wheels, seals and filters (both oil and fuel).

Any item still available from Pasquali we can bring in if we don't have it. Tin work like fenders and hoods are no longer in production, but we have a good selection of used items available, including major castings.

We also work with Ferrari, Goldoni, Holder and other specialty tractors and can provide parts and resources for all tractors.


Transmissions are simple, well designed and robust. Not normally needed, we do carry spare parts.

We stock Euro cardans, metric u-joints and spare axles.

drive train


We keep planetary / sat gears, crown and pinion gears in stock whenever possible. 


​We keep a large stock of clutch and pressure plates for Pasquali and Ferrari tractors. We can also special order 

CLUTCH parts