is a tachometer necessary?

No, a tachometer isn't necessary, but it sure helps most operators with determining the optimum engine speeds.

While the critical speed is the high engine RPM setting, it's good to operate the tractor at or above the peak of the torque curve. This is typically around 1800 RPM's for the LDA914. When working a tractor hard, I like to run about 2200 to 2500 rpm minimum. Again, the key thing is not to have the governor allowing the tractor to over speed.

The other advantage with a tach is determining exact PTO speed since it's dependent in most applications on engine speed.

how difficult is converting

This conversion is a simple install. Customers don't need to do anything but drill a few holes for the custom bezel and run a couple of wires to hook up the tach (the tach is electrical not mechanical).

David is capturing the electrical impulses from the regulator and has modified the tach to convert those pulses to a decent reading for the Italian diesels.

The mounting bezel fits the most common Pasquali dash and can be used on other tractors. Customers can determine the most suitable installation for their particular tractor.

i'm in - How do I order?

Order directly from David. You can contact him at the following address:

tach conversion

The mechanical tachometers on Pasquali, Ferrari and Goldoni tractors are prone to failure. If the cable fails, that is no longer a problem as we have found an economical cable that can be installed by the customer. If the Lombardini drive unit fails, it's normally too expensive to replace it - and the Ruggerini / Slanzi drives are no longer available.

A conversion to the new OEM Pasquali system is prohibitive, so David Mendenhall has created a nice conversion kit that is affordable and looks great.