Logging choker hooks. Choker hooks are for dragging timber out of the woods. The shape allows hooking the chain as a slide hook, but the chain doesn't release as the log is moving. Open hooks work under tension, but as soon as they slack off, travel over a stump or the log rolls, you are off the tractor and trying to hook the log again. Proper choker hooks save time and frustration. They fit 5/16" chain and are attached with the lock and pin provided. These hooks are also great around the shop and farm. Unlike cheaper imports, hooks are actual G70 rated WLL2T. Limited supply.

​$12.00 each plus postage

Lombardini LDA 914 front cover plates. These plates are custom milled from an aluminum blank. They replace the covers that are no longer available from Lombardini and have a tendency to break out at the bolt holes. If the front of your 914 is leaking, inspect the timing gear area for this plate. Unlike the original, this plate is heavy duty and will not break up like the originals.

Only 4 left.

$58.00 plus postage

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