Tractor Rims

Italian tractor rims are still available out of Italy, but the expense of bringing them to North America is substantial. We recommend purchasing new rims from Hey Machinery Company in Baldwin City, Kansas. Hey wheels are high quality American made wheels. They can provide either finished wheels or unpainted rims.

Hey wheel cannot make rims without exacting specifications. Do not expect them to provide you a "Pasquali Rim" over the phone. They need to know the size of the tire you will mount, the inner pattern for mounting and some specifics on what type of bolts are used, etc.

We find the folks at Hey Wheel helpful and courteous. Please recognize they are willing to help as much as they can - but they are not Italian Tractor experts. You can't call and ask for a Goldoni Universal 226 rim, they won't understand what that is. They need to know a lot of information to get it right and the information YOU provide will be what they have to work with. Hey Wheel will build you a beautiful rim, but they can only get it right if you provide them with the original rim or the accurate measurements to do it. We highly recommend them:

Hey Machinery Company Link  Website gives complete listing of their standard offerings

Additional contact information is:

​(785) 594-3441