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Tractor Manuals

Pasquali Tractor Parts Pages  All models of early tractors up to and including 988.30 version, transporters and powered carts

Pasquali Tractor Service Manual  Only English version available. Covers all early tractors up to and including the 988.30

Pasquali 986 User Manual  English version of the 986 user manual. Applicable to most models with small differences.

Pasquali 440 / 492 / 494 User manual English version of the big frame Pasquali's from the 80's and 90's.

Pasquali 440 / 492 / 494 Parts manual English version of the parts pages for the big frame Pasquali's.

Goldoni Universal User manual Operation and Maintenance for the Goldoni Universal family of tractors.

Goldoni Base 20 Service Manual

​Ferrari 18/20/22 Parts Manual Unfortunately scanned upside down, but still useful for understanding the tractor (For 22.K3E)

Ferrari 75/76 Service Manual Shop manual for the big frame Ferrari tractors, 75 / 76. Includes the parts pages.

Ferrari 75/76 User / Parts User manual in Italian that includes the parts diagrams for the 75 / 76 tractors.

Ferrari 85 User manual User manual for the later big frame Ferrari. This was an improved version of the 75 and a monster torque machine.

Ferrari 95 User manual User manual for the next generation of Ferrari. These tractors were not as large and scaling back to a more compact unit.

Ferrari 95 Parts manual Parts manual for the 95 articulating tractor.

Ferrari 95RS Parts manual Parts manual for the 95 rigid steer tractor.

Valpadana 4RM Parts Manual A parts manual with great exploded diagrams. 

Engine Manuals

Lombardini Engine Numbers Gives the newer engine numbers for the older LDA models (basically the same engines)

Lombardini Single User Manual Covers starting procedures and some basic electrical on the single cylinder engines.

Lombardini Single Service Manual Covers the rebuild on Lombardini singles, covers the LDA 100 and 820

Lombardini Twin Service Manual  Covers the Lombardini 914, 952

Ruggerini Twin Service Manual - RD series Covers the RD901/2, RD92/2

VM RA series Covers three of the VM diesels, including the RA 394

Slanzi twin Service Manual recommendation - "Clymer Small Diesel Engine Repair Manual" (Available on Amazon or on-line book stores)

Hydraulic Steering Valve Manuals

Danfoss Overhaul Shows the overhaul of a Danfoss steering valve.

Eaton Overhaul Actual Eaton service manual.

Tips and tricks

Tractor work and improvements

Tiller Manuals

Ferrari 72S Ferrari 72S user manual.

Ferrari 72S parts Ferrari 72S parts manual.


Pasquali Brochures

Late 1970's to 1990's Pasquali tractors. Almost all medium frame tractor models were the same tractor with different engines.

​Models     971     985     986     987     991     993     997     988     979     440/492

Historical documents and some of the older advertisements.

History     Models     Line Up

Implements that were available for Pasquali tractors. Note the blade, tiller and Loader were the only common attachments. While a couple of 

backhoes have come up for sale, everything else is rare. Powered trailers are almost impossible to find (I know, we all want one). While the

original logging winches are rare, there are 3 pt. hitch FARMI winches that come up from time to time.

AutoTransplanter     Backhoe     Blade     Dumper     Fork Lift     Loader     Mower 1     Mower 2     Tiller     Trailer     Trencher     UPF     Vibra Plow


Walking Tillers. Please note that while few of these made it over to North America, we do carry clutch and engine parts for these.


Goldoni Brochures

In construction...

CAST Tractor Brochures

Officine di Casaralta Trattori of Bologna Italy. A rare, 4WD, 4 wheel suspension and 4 wheel steering tractor from the 1970's. This unique tractor had many features later adopted by Euro tractor builders like turret seating and multi wheel steering. The first CAST tractor was registered with the UMA in 1967. If you have information on the CAST tractors, own one or have sourced auto parts that can be used to repair them, please contact us or Dale at . Dale is a CAST tractor owner, the "go to CAST guy" in North America and interested in collecting CAST information. Of special interest are the ball joints and CV joints used. We understand these were off the shelf auto parts, but there is little information available.

CAST001         CAST002         CAST003

Euro tractors in action:

996 Plowing     Goldoni Maxter     Transcars     Gathering Wood     Holder A30     Pasquali cutting     Pasquali Tilling     Tomo Vinkovic     Valpadana

Note: Pasquali, Goldoni, Ferrari, Valpadana, Carraro and Pierre are Italian made tractors. The "Tomo Vinkovic" tractors are built in Yugoslavia under license from Pasquali and Holder is a German company.

 Euro equipment in action:

 Rotary Spader     Std Spader     Power Harrow     Olive Harvester     Caron BCS     Transcar     Mower     Grapple     Potato     Tree Relocation 

Italian agricultural equipment is second to none world wide. Tortella, Maschio, Selvitici and Celli are examples of equipment manufacturers. Imants is a Dutch manufacturer also known for advanced designs. European agricultural equipment is fascinating and should serve as inspiration to the rest of the world.