Pasquali parts book for early 1970's and 1980's tractors

These are the original parts pages for the 986, 991, 993, 997 and 988 made in the 1970's and 80's. Each number (like 001) is a link to two pages. A description of contents is to the right of the number with each page description separated by a slash. The descriptions should enable you to choose the parts group you want. After loading, you can then print the two pages out. If you plan to use the pages for ordering parts, please include a description of each part and the page you found it as we have no way of looking numbers up.

IMPORTANT NOTE: These pages are for the most common series of Pasquali tractors. Some of the older (and newer) series of the classic Pasquali's differ, especially in the transmission gears. The older series have a unique hood with a severe taper back to the steering column. The newer series can be identified as having a articulation frame that is welded box steel with two bearings and pins, both upper and lower that have centered grease zerks. Always confirm transmission gear part numbers by counting the number of teeth. If the tooth count does not match up, your tractor is probably an older model, perhaps newer.

Common Series

Index     This explains what sheets are used for what machines

001         Hood, throttle, fuel tank and fuel filter - earliest series 986 / earliest series 997. 

002         Hood, throttle, fuel tank and fuel filter - late early series 997 / later series 986 and others

003         Clutch group 986 only / Clutch group all others. (Note: 988 has a different spline than others)          

004         Front differential group and axles 986 / Front differential group and axles all others

005         Front differential group (all others except 986) / transmission box upper 986 only (note gear 946.160.0 differs)

006         Transmission box upper (all others except 986 note gear 991.103.0 to above) / Transmission lower for all tractors 

007         Shifting linkage for all tractors right hand side / Shifting linkage for all tractors left hand side

008         Shifting levers (all) / articulation barrel and cardan joints, manual steering all

009         Articulation barrel and cardan joints, power steering all / manual steering box and column all

010         Power steering valve and column all / rear differential section for 986 (note first gear left on lower shaft)

011         Rear differential section for all others except 988 (note first gear left on lower shaft) / Rear diff for 988

012         Rear axle group and brakes for 986 / rear axle group and brakes for all others

013         Safety brake (note lower right 986.324.0) / Safety brake (note lower right 986.316.0)

014         Fenders and hydraulic frame early (CCW PTO) / Fenders and hydraulic frame late with CW PTO shaft

015         Electrical schematic with early push button start / Electrical schematic with later key start

016         Hydraulics early 986, note swivel cylinder, front Lombardini / Hydraulics later, note fixed cylinder, rear Lombardini

017         Hydraulics early all others, note swivel cylinder, front Ruggerini / Hydraulics later, note swivel cylinder, rear Ruggerini

018         Cables, accelerator and clutch all early / Cables, accelerator and clutch, next series (note decal different number)

019         Power steering hose routing and cylinders / Power steering index

020         Table guide for transporter groups / Table N1, front differential

021         N2 / N3

​022         N4 / N5

023         N6 / N7

​024         N8 / N9

​025         N10 / N11

Early and Later Series

​026         Early Series 988 parts diagrams (good for all early models of this series except 986 had different axles)

027         Later Series 988 parts diagrams (good for all later models of this series except 986 had different axles)