Here is a backhoe Helder is fabricating. This is inspirational!

This is a great looking hoe, as nice as any of the OEM's in the yard. His YouTube page has a good cover of the build. A well thought out project.

We will update on this project as we receive more information.


Some working photos of how they do it in Portugal. How about that load of gravel on the transporter!

Helder restored this Valpadana 4RM 300. I don't know of any Valpadana's in North America, but they are a well respected tractor in Europe. Helder has some great videos and owns several machines, including a transporter pictured below.

The transporters are a tremendously useful unit and I wish there were more in North America. I know of only a handful of them, most are Pasquali's with a few Goldoni's.

Helder has a youtube channel where you can see more of his work:

Helder Tavares Utube Channel

They also have a facebook page with some great info on it:

GATA Facebook Page

Check out Helder's page and drop him an email.

Check out some of Helder Tavares work videos. Gives us a great insight to the use of tractors in Europe:

Brush Cutting          Rear Loader          Powered Trailer          Forest Trailer        Splitting         Building the Backhoe        

the Helder tavares page

Helder is a friend from Portugal who restores and uses tractors, transporters, etc.