Final assembly pictures will be posted when ready. Take a look at the fit and finish - better than factory new!

Note the surface finish. Factory finish was never even close to Dave's standard. Original paint actually came off new tractors in sheets as paint prep was not considered important during that era. It wasn't unusual for factory builds to be inconsistent, as tractors were considered simple tools. While robust and well built, there was little attention to detail from the factory. Dave's builds are show pieces as well as work ready.

Wanting the best in a vintage Pasquali? Is your vineyard needing something to really make it stand out - start with your primary equipment. Contact Dave:

How's this for the Pasquali assembly line? The 991 and a 986 being assembled on Dave's shop floor. (Color variations are from the flash).

Once major components check out, everything is soda blasted, cleaned, primed and painted.

All surfaces are inspected and anything not meeting Dave's standards is done again. Final assembly begins after secondary components are blasted, primed and painted. Special consideration is given to hood, fenders and finish surfaces.

Restoration of a Pasquali 991 - Dave Featheringill

Process begins by going through major components and upgrading, gear boxes, differentials, articulation sections, engines, etc.