Capitalizing on the rail, we welded a 1/2 inch piece of steel plate to it that simply slipped over the pin to stabilize it. This was just a scrap piece of 1/2 inch thick 6 inch flat bar stock. Root weld was a 1/8 inch 7018 in a deep bevel with a finish bead of 5/32 inch 7024 over the top running hot.

While not a particularly attractive repair, it certainly stabilizes the pin and we don't anticipate further problems with it. If we do break it out now, we would be doing something that we shouldn't be doing.

Pasquali pins are prone to breaking out if one arm comes loose while pulling and we would recommend a similar type of repair by using the bolt circle of the axle tower to hang a new threaded pin on.  

Goldoni mAXTER 70 3pt pin reinforcement

Broken case reinforcement for a 3pt lift arm pin. Italian Tractors of North America.

Breaking a 3 pt lift arm pin out of a rear end case is not all that uncommon. The causes are numerous, but driving a 3500 lb tractor off of a trailer with a 1200 lb rototiller attached is never a happy ending when the ramp collapses on one side and the tiller is still above the trailer. Other causes are loose pins that tweak under load as cast iron is not a ductile metal. Often 3 pt pins are mounted in what seems to be a fairly weak configuration, but normal tractor conditions usually don't cause problems.

Here we see the repair from underneath the tractor, a good effort, but not what we would consider a professional repair. Note the steel washer welded in at the end to provide a somewhat flat area for the nut to bear onto.You can see where the washer has broken away from the weld, but what is not apparent in the picture is that the weld has split from the case at the left hand side. The steel flat bar patch can be seen at the bottom.

The pin itself was then welded to the repaired area on the other side, but that too had broken away. The pin stayed in place, but loosened up easily.

Luckily, Goldoni has two very heavy rails attached to the rear of the tractor for adjusting the towing attachment up and down. The rails are 1/2 inch thick and extend about 3/4 of an inch beyond the width of the rear case, attached with seven bolts.

Here is an example of a 3 pt lift arm pin on a Goldoni Maxter. Note that the casting around the pin is not particularly robust - certainly adequate, but not my idea of a heavy casting by any means. This is the good side.

The Maxter series tractors have pins that extend through a couple of inches of casting and use a nylock nut to tighten the pin in the case. When we purchased this tractor, we never realized the opposite side had been broken out and the casting had been welded together around the pin. The weld had cracked at the margin (not unusual from excessive temperatures, carbon migration or using the wrong welding rod). In this case, a steel washer was welded onto the inside where the nut tightened down, then a flat steel patch over the repair to try and hold it all in place.