Above is the standard Pasquali swivel used for powered carts. The swivel is bolted to the rear of the tractor, with the PTO for the cart drive driven by the lower PTO on the tractor (or original Euro PTO on the earlier machines). The tractor needs to be in "ground speed" mode and needs the proper sized tires on the trailer to work correctly.

These pictures are at the end of the overhaul showing paint and the final touches. The tractor was in rough shape from sitting outside in the South West sun for decades. The injection pump was seized, it didn't run and the rear differential had a broken tooth on the crown gear. This is a great example of what some dedication will produce in the end product. Bill's daughter was the main driver of the restoration, which was a 4H club project. The end result is a beautiful Pasquali transporter, a rare sight in North America.

Transporters vs. Powered Carts

Mike and his daughters transporter is a factory built 4X4 tractor with an articulating rear dump cart. This is achieved with the standard articulation center on the Pasquali tractor, but the rear half of the tractor consisting of an extended section sporting the dump box. In contrast, the Italians use a powered cart behind tractors which essentially makes the tractor a 6x6 since it has three driven axles. Powered carts are also rare in North America, but common to Europe where they are often seen driving on country roadways. Below are some pictures of powered carts and how they differ. Also pictured is the common Pasquali hitch used for the powered carts. It bolts over the PTO and drives the rear cart by a drive shaft located in the central tube. The rollers protect the cart during turns, running against the wheels.

mike Bennett's page

Mike Bennett in California purchased an old transporter out of Arizona that he and his daughter restored.