This is an example of someone who doesn't know what they are doing should refrain from doing their own repairs. When Stefan purchased this tractor, he had no idea the transmission had been butchered so badly. Since the previous owner couldn't figure out how to remove the upper shaft to replace a bearing, he decided to use a torch to cut the shaft off and the centre bearing out. After cutting, they replaced the bearing, then welded the case and shaft back together. As a finishing touch, they welded an old bearing race on top of the scabbed insert to add "extra pressure" to the replaced bearing area since it was now not as strong.

Stefan disassembled the transmission, had the mid section properly rebuilt by a machine shop (note: mid section cut out and new machined insert held in place with two grub screws). A new shaft, bearings and articulation drum bushings shown in the last picture, ready to assemble. This Goldoni is now a viable machine. Main uses are logging and snow removal.

goldoni transmission case

Goldoni transmission repair, Stefan Peschke