Here is an example of what's possible if you are not afraid to step up. In picture one you see the extent of damage to the transmission case. It has been broken, previously welded and broken again. You can see where a zip cutter has been used to begin cutting the side away in the first picture. After the side is cut off, it's machined flat and drilled for the new side plate. (Note: one original casting attachment point was left for the axle tower). Next a flat plate is drilled and machined to replace the broken side. The inner side of the plate is machined to make a perfectly flat surface for sealing. Holes are threaded, sealant is applied and the plate is bolted on using Loc-tite permanent (red). The result is a saved tractor as major castings for older tractors are no longer available. Outstanding work.

Extreme Case Rebuild

494 Transmission case rebuild. An entire side replaced.