Dave Featheringill is a serious Pasquali owner. His restorations are the standard that all others will be compared to. Dave painstakingly had original colour matches done by paint chip analysis. He completely disassembled the 988 above, rebuilt, sand blasted and then refinished the entire tractor. All tin work was taken to bare metal, completely refinished with filler, sanded numerous times, then painted / sanded numerous times and finally clear coated. The same was done with the frame and engine. This is the Concours d'Elegance level of tractor restoration, I have never seen better. Amazingly, Dave uses this tractor! This is not simply a collector show piece, it's a working tractor on the farm. His attention to detail resulted in having the original decals reproduced by Bob Freeland of BULLDOG Custom Graphics. These are now available directly from Bob (see the decal section under tractor parts on the home page). 

Dave will take orders for Pasquali tractors if you want this level of tractor. Normally he has one or two tractors waiting for restoration, but orders can take up to a year to finish. Nothing rolls out of the shop that doesn't meet Dave's high standards. If your vineyard needs a show piece that can do the work and promote your business at the same time, a Featheringill restoration is just the ticket.

See some of the restoration process.....

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Dave Featheringill's 988 restoration. This is the standard in Pasquali restoration.