Nice ENCO lathe

ENCO tooling is well thought of and was one of the first companies to offer affordable machine equipment to North America. Full size, quick change, steady rest and more. This is a nice lathe with little use.

The rotary table below is also ENCO, still new in the box. Also for sale, these are good quality tables.

Everything was kept in a heated shop.

928 Goldoni           **** SOLD ****

The Goldoni tractors are a beautifully built tractor. Like Ferrari, they are full castings - high quality builds with high end features. The 928 uses a Lombardini 904 engine, a slightly smaller version of the 914 and is rated at about 35 SAE HP (should be compared to the Pasquali 997 for power). This tractor is a great unit and looks to be well cared for. Has locks on both diff's, two sets of tires on rims (70% and 90% fill), ring chains for front tires, home made forks and crane as well as a 3 pt scraper / dump bucket. Clean, tight and no leaks.

Price for everything  $4,900​  

988 with backhoe        **** SOLD ****

This 988 has a front end loader, backhoe and box blade. The tractor is a later model with both PTO's and while a bit rough around the tin work, it runs well and has 636 hrs on the clock. Someone needs to replace the clutch, a fairly easy job on a Pasquali. Tires are in good condition, FEL bucket needs attention, but all in all a great tractor. The Kelly backhoe is a desirable feature and should be a great addition to any small holding or orchard. New clutch and manuals are included.

Everything listed for $6000.00

Location: Maine

988 with Loader, Backhoe, **** SOLD ****

Located in Nevada, this 988 has the coveted hoe made for the Pasquali tractor. The loader / backhoe combination make this a desirable machine. Engine runs well, but tractor appears to only drive in low range first gear. This could be something simple or something serious, we just don't know. Transmission removal and diagnosis is not beyond the back yard mechanic, but you need to know your way around tools. (see the service manual).

From the pictures, the hoe looks in very nice condition. The ripper and tiller are pictured below. $5,500 will take everything, basically covering the value of the implements. There is also a loader mount hay rake.

South Bend Classic

And as if one lathe choice isn't enough, here we see a classic South Bend - probably the most sought after bench lathe ever produced. Another American Classic recognized for quality world wide. The lathe looks clean and well cared for, model 22-ZB. As it has the brass plate and the oilers are on the top of the headstock, this would be dated about 1933. While the South Bend is a great lathe, this South Bend is also collectible. Note the gear train is there, two rests, a four jaw, a face plate, the MT's and some dogs. This is a complete original setup, although I am not seeing the right hand legs. These are available on Ebay or used sites. And for those of you with a good eye, yes - that's a rotary index table to the left on the cart, also for sale. Everything is available, but please be respectful. Edith's husband is now in extended care and we want to be fair and have her compensated fairly for what is there.

South Bend Price: $1500.00

There is a lot of quality iron here waiting for new owners, so contact Edith -

Pasquali 956 Transporter **** SOLD ****

Pasquali 956 Transporter dump tractor truck with logging winch.  This is a 4x4 off road dump truck, only 5’ wide and can negotiate where trucks can’t.  It has a 1.5 ton (3,000 lbs) carrying capacity (It only weighs 2,156 lbs)(tag says 4700 so one figure is off or it is metric tons).  It has a hydraulic dump, a differential lock and rear PTO (ground or with engine).  The body sides drop down and come off to use as a flatbed.  It has a Lombardini 24 HP diesel engine a 9 speed forward 3 speed reverse transmission (.4 to 9.3 MPH).  It is 2 or 4 wheel drive. LED lights. Includes the rear tractor portion which we have not tried. Everything works. Tires have cracks but I have never had to add air. $8500. 

Tires (31 x 15.5 x 15)   **** SOLD ****

Four tires with rims, Pasquali. Typical condition, all ready to be used. Location: New Hampshire.

Price for all four  $400.00

Base 20             **** SOLD ****

Goldoni Base 20. Low hours, beautiful condition. This is the machine featured in our case rebuild section. Everything works, although the hydraulics seem a bit weak. We will include a new hydraulic pump with the purchase. Original paint, rubber and seat. Condition is as nice as we have seen in a used machine.  Included is a Antonio Carraro rototiller with new tines.

Will not find a better deal than this.

Price: $6,500 USD    Location: British Columbia, Canada

Cincinnati milling machine

The brand new Bridgeport is gone, but this rock steady Cincinnati is still available. One of the best in the industry, the Cincinnati was the main stay for decades. An American classic, these machines possibly produced more than all others combined. Note the vertical head setup, one of the largest tables in the industry and the weight to give you the smoothest finish possible. While not an expert on Cincinnati's, this looks like a possible CINPAK 45 Universal - a very desirable machine. You can see one restored here:

These machines are not junk, they are still used all over North America. Check out Keith Fenner from Turn Wright Machine shop on Youtube. 

Beautiful 986 in Wisconsin  **** SOLD ****

Here is a one owner 986 in great condition with original tiller. Kept inside during it's life, it still has the original seat. Ideal for tight areas. This would be an easy restore to like new condition. 21 HP, 4WD with low center of gravity. Common oil seepage, runs well, years of service left in it. 

Contact Edith -

Owner has machine shop equipment for sale below. A great opportunity for anyone wanting to break into fabricating their own parts and equipment.

Ferrari 95RS        **** SOLD ****

This is a beautiful example of a Ferrari 95RS. They went to a lot of trouble powder coating and renewing this tractor to this condition. For someone looking for a Ferrari, this is a stellar example of the 95 series. This is rigid steer tractor with the same geometry and ground articulation that Ferrari is famous for. Powered with a Lombardini 914, this has a lot of power in a small footprint tractor and ready for serious work.

Priced to sell: $6,000 USD    Location: Reno, NV  United States

Pasquali 993 with Loader  **** SOLD ****

This is a solid tractor with a Pasquali FEL and rototiller. Rubber is good, runs well and includes a complete engine overhaul set ($700 USD value) if ever needed. Missing one headlight, wiring is typical, needs your typical clean up and TLC. The tiller is an actual Pasquali made for the tractor and is complete with cardan and lift bracket. This is a great set up for anyone wanting an articulating Italian tractor. When considering the loader value, the engine parts and tiller, you basically are looking at a 30 HP 4WD tractor for $4000 USD.

Reduced to: $6000.00 CDN     Location: Calgary, AB  CANADA

988 with FEL, box blade  **** SOLD ****

This tractor has been well maintained and kept in covered storage. There is a small dent on the front hood but otherwise in excellent condition. We have the Operator and Service Manuals, as well as workshop manuals. Features include: Power steering, tach hour meter, 3 and 2 point hitch, PTO reverser, extra grip tires, 48” front end loader, 5’ rear mount blade, 48” rotary tiller, and a counter‐balance weight attachment for lifting heavy loads.

Priced to sell at $6,000 USD

Location: Southern California, United States

988 Pasquali + dozer/ mower  **** SOLD ****

This is a one owner machine, originally purchased as an air tug (Pasquali tractors were modified by the Trilectron Corporation). The owner has always cared for the tractor and has always stored it inside. The original tires came from Trilectron with fluid, but it has been removed, all four rims sand blasted and repainted with epoxy. The blade has a corner tweak and a few dings, the finish mower is in great working condition. Tractor hours are approximately 600 +, the 60 inch Woods finish mower about 300 hours.

​Asking price is $5500.00                             Location: Delaware, USA​​