Engine Overhaul and Rebuild

We carry a wide variety of engine parts for Lombardini, Ruggerini and Slanzi engines. Overhauling an Italian air cooled diesel is easy to do and doesn't require special tools other than a torque wrench. This is not beyond the skill level of most back yard mechanics. We have customers that chose engine overhaul as their first major repair with stellar results. Don't be discouraged by engine work.

We stock pistons, rings, cylinders, rod bearings, main bearings, valves, valve guides, oil pumps, fuel pumps, injection pumps, nozzles, gaskets and seals for many of the Italian diesels. Customers tell us our prices are the lowest in North America.


An engine overhaul is when rings, rod bearings, main bearings and perhaps valves are renewed leaving the engine in the tractor.


An engine rebuild is when the engine is removed from the tractor and the entire engine is renewed including seals and additional components.

Troubleshooting - Do you require engine parts

The most common problem encountered with worn engines is excessive oil consumption. Extended oil changes, poor air filter maintenance or just plain age (excessive running hours) will eventually result in "burning oil".

White Smoke

White smoke is usually indicative of poor fuel combustion. Almost all older Italian diesels will smoke white on start up. Once the cylinder reaches combustion temperature, the smoke subsides. In most cases it is less than 5 to 10 seconds. This is not a problem if it clears up quickly..

 If white smoke doesn't clear, it means poor combustion. Causes could be faulty or damaged injectors, incorrect timing or worn piston rings (failing compression). It shouldn't be there and should be investigated if it doesn't clear once the engine is warm.

Black Smoke

Black smoke is the most common color smoke seen from diesels. It indicates inadequate combustion and contrary to popular belief is not good for the engine. While black smoke is common when the engine is over working, it should not be a common experience. Likely causes of black smoke are:

Over fueling, dirty or faulty injectors, clogged air filter or air restriction (including bad or failing turbo charger), incorrect timing or valves needing adjustment. Additional possibilities could be worn rings, poor quality fuel or carbon build up.

Blue Smoke

Blue smoke is burning oil. While difficult at times to determine what you are looking at with smoke color, burning oil is definitely bluish, not white and not quite black. The common causes of blue exhaust smoke are:

Worn, stuck or relaxed rings (from overheating), worn valve stems / guides, worn pistons (excessive ring to land clearance)

One bit of diesel trivia: A diesel engine burning oil may not smoke. If the engine is tight and has high compression, a well running diesel can burn quite a bit of crankcase oil without showing blue smoke. The reason is that burning oil can act as fuel and if complete combustion is occurring you would never see it. Always check your engine oil before using the tractor.

Loud noises

Italian air cooled diesels are loud (some people say obnoxious). If your engine suddenly sounds different, loud knocking, banging or rapping that isn't normally there - stop the engine immediately and TOW the tractor back to the shop for investigation. Common causes will be failed rod bearing, cracked or broken piston, broken ring or broken valve.

Oil and Fuel Filters

For some reason, North Americans seem especially bad when it comes to oil and all filter changes. It is not unusual for Pasquali fuel filters to remain in the tank for 20 to 30 years, a filter designed to be changed out on a yearly basis. Fuel filters are designed to protect one of the most precision parts of a diesel engine, the fuel injection pump. Some people swap them with small oil filters which is not a good idea because oil filters are 30 micron and fuel filters are 10 micron. This is a big difference as the 30 micron filter does not prevent water permeation. 

Unfortunately, some filters are only available out of Italy - there are no available crosses in North America. An example is the Ruggerini RD series oil filters. This tall, narrow filter is quite specific and has no available cross. We always carry them in stock because of this. On the other hand, the Lombardini 914 engine uses a 3/4-16 spin on (Lombardini 2175.040 series filter). Available crosses are Baldwin B228 or 178, FRAM PH3816, Fleet Guard FL700 or similar filters. The large Lombardini's like the LDA673 use a long cartridge filter (2175.012) another unique filter which we stock because they are hard to obtain. Diesel engines are robust, long lasting engines if serviced. Extending oil change intervals or not changing filters out is a serious, costly and short sighted mistake. Oil and filters should be changed every 100 hours of use to ensure reliability. It is not uncommon for diesels to run thousands and thousands of hours if serviced regularly.

Ordering Engine Parts

When ordering engine parts, it is important to order for the engine, not the tractor. Italian tractors are often identical except for the engine used. As an example, a Pasquali 991, 993, 997 and 988 are exactly the same tractor with model numbers determined by the engine mounted on the tractor. The same is true for the Goldoni Universals (226, 228, 230, etc.). Ruggerini, Lombardini and VM engines have a standard mounting which allows Italian tractors to exchange engines quite easily. If your hood and transmission I.D. says the tractor is a 988, but it has a Ruggerini RD92/2 engine mounted, it is actually a 997 now - someone has swapped out the engine. Always identify your engine first. Also note engines are European and all measurements are metric. Oversized pistons and bearings are available, but measurements are in millimeter fractions. A '025' rod bearing is an oversized bearing that is a quarter of a mm over - roughly 10 thousands of an inch. If grinding your crankshaft or boring cylinders, ensure your machinist knows it's metric as it may (or may not) be important depending on the work being done. We have had customers order engine parts for engines they don't have, simply because they are ordering by tractor model. Engine parts are heavy, you only want to ship them once.


Please note: Normally you do not need to replace injectors - they are adjustable. What may need periodic replacement are the injector nozzles which do wear out. Injector nozzles are not particularly expensive and can be easily replaced. We normally have a decent range of injector nozzles on the shelf. You can identify the nozzles by number. For example, the older Pasquali Ruggerini twins used CIPA VH-16056 or DLLA 1605707 nozzles. If replacing the nozzles, always replace the copper sealing washer the nozzle seats on AND always ensure the old one is not still there.​