Electrical Repair

The electrical systems on Italian tractors are usually quite robust. People complain about them, but any 40 year old tractor that has lived outside for that long will have issues. We carry head lights, tail lights, warning lights, key sets, switches, fuse blocks, alternators, regulators, harness plugs, etc. in stock.

Our electrical costs are nominal. We purchase in bulk so we can offer you the original European items for the same or less than what cheap discount store items cost here.

Wiring Schematics and color codes

Note there are two standard Pasquali schematics in the resource section. These are part of the parts listings. The wire colors are listed in Italian, so you would read the colors as:

bianco - white

nero - black

arancio - orange                                                                                          CLICK HERE FOR BASIC SCHEMATIC
                                                                                                             (Includes instructions on checking your alternator)
giallo - yellow

verde - green                                                                                  (See Manual and Resource section for Pasquali wiring)

viola - violet

rosso - red

Wiring schematics are not difficult to read, but you need to identify the ignition key set, starting motor, head lights and tail lights to get a good read on the diagram.

Wiring Harness

These are no longer available for the older tractors. The good news is there is really not much to making one up. The simplest harness can be made from these drawings. Adding light circuits or additional circuits is easy and should pose no difficulty for the home shop. If you really want to do a professional job, thread your wires through shrink tube, then shrink it all when done. It will look really good.


When replacing the regulator on an existing harness or when creating

a new harness with a new regulator, refer to the picture at the right.

Note the original regulators only used five spade connectors. The triangles

refer to the leads from the alternator, red wire at the top and the two yellow at

the bottom. The circles refer to the ignition side, red at the top (switch

number 30) and brown at the lower right (switch number 15-54).

The bottom spade on the right side is not normally used on the early Pasquali

tractors and can be disregarded. It's represented here by a line.

Plastic connectors for the harness

Italian tractors use single, double and triple plastic connectors for lights and accessory circuits in the harness. We carry new replacements, both the connectors and replacement terminals (brass). These are inexpensive and worth renewing.
Head lights

We carry Pasquali, Goldoni and Ferrari headlights in stock. There really isn't much available in North America to cross to these, so we try and stock the most common sizes. There are more and more LED lights coming out now and they make a lot of sense because of the low electrical draw. We recommend adding LED's if you want additional lighting.

Pasquali headlight bulbs are a bit unusual, but may be available in your local auto parts store. Ask for:   6235B-BP Eiko or 6235B-USA.

Tail lights

We carry most tail lights for the Pasquali, Goldoni and Ferrari tractors. The earliest Pasquali tractors used a small rectangular light and that is no longer available. We do have a light that is close, but isn't a exact match. The best value is the Goldoni tail light and there is no reason not to consider a change to them. They can be seen on the electrical parts page.

Oil pressure sending units

We carry oil pressure sending units for Lombardini, Ruggerini and Slanzi engines. Each engine has a set range, so you want the right unit. If you want to add an actual gauge, no problem. There are two ways to do it. Standard oil pressure gauges can be plumbed into a gallery or you can use a 12V pressure bulb and electrical gauge. Both are accurate.


If restoring a Goldoni or Ferrari, you will notice the gauges are in Italian and have that European look. We stock them for the serious restoration.

Warning lights

All of the Italian tractors use warning lights, either rounds or the square picture type. We carry both in stock.

Ignition keys / switches

Italian tractors use standard European COBO ignition sets. We carry them in stock for both standard and glow plug applications. We also carry the Early Pasquali key sets that used the long cylindrical key that worked with the push button start. We also carry spare keys for all of them.

Fuse Blocks

We can't get the early two fuse blocks anymore, but we have nice six fuse blocks.


Euro torpedo fuses are really inexpensive. At this time ours are about ten cents each. They are considered specialty items in North America and sold for about 10 times that. Just add a few to an order the next time you need something.

Starting Motors

We don't stock starting motors. They are too heavy to ship back and forth across the country. Try your local source or Ebay for the following (or use the codes for crosses):

Ruggerini RD series engines and Lombardini LDA 100, LDA 850 - ISKRA IS0525 (counter clockwise rotation, 9 tooth)

Lombardini 914 - Bosch 0001311045, 0001311025 or 0001311016 (clockwise rotation 9 tooth)