We keep a full set of axles in stock for the Pasquali 986, 987, 988, 991, 993 and 997 tractors. While axles don't give much problem, they have been known to be broken or damaged from bearing failure or over working tractors.

Axle bearings can be difficult to obtain in North America. If you have difficulties, contact us. We keep the large metric bearings in stock.

Assessing U-Joint condition

U-Joints will come either as a grease type or what they call "long life" joints, those joints lacking any way of greasing them. U-Joint failure is directly related to grease (either not enough or too much). No grease will result in the joint seizing up, too much grease will blow the seals, attract contaminants, wear and seize up. "Long life" joints are basically designed not to be greased because over greasing is probably more common than under greasing them. Grease today is quite advanced and will last a long time in a U-Joint. Always ensure U-Joints are tight and free of any side to side play. If your joints are showing signs of wear, replace them. Neglecting to replace U-Joints that are failing, risks the loss of the entire cardan, or worse yet the center casting of a tractor when a flailing cardan punches out the side.

Cardan Joints / U-Joint removal

The cardan is used for both tractor and implement drive lines. Rototiller and spaders are examples of where you will see the cardan joint used.

The two types of cardan joints seen at the left are to a Pasquali tractor with an example of long life sealed u-joints below.

To remove the u-joints from the yolks, remove the snap rings and find a suitable size socket that is slightly smaller than one of the u-joint caps. Set the yolk on a hydraulic press with support so that you can press the u-joint downward through the yolk. Once pressed through, remove the free cap, then reverse the procedure for the other.

Drive train components and parts

Italian tractors have unique drive components. Since many Euro tractors articulate, drive shafts are uniquely designed utilizing cardan joints. The cardan is a double u-joint allowing for an increased angle of drive when the tractor is turning. A conventional single u-joint would not accommodate the extreme angle needed for an articulating tractor.

We stock new cardan joints for Pasquali tractors, but unless you have damaged yolks, it's more economical to rebuild the cardan with new universal joints. Euro u-joints are not standard to North America, so there are no crosses available. We try to stock all common u-joints for Pasquali, Ferrari and Goldoni tractors. Drop us an email for pricing.