BULLDOG Custom Graphics, Bob Freeland

Pasquali tractor decals are no longer available, they are out of production and out of stock.

BULLDOG Custom Graphics, Bob Freeland in Ohio has created a beautiful decal set for the 1980's Pasquali tractors.

We have a few odd decals from old stock and we can say without hesitation that Bob's are better than the originals.

A full set is $150 plus shipping & tax where applicable, which includes all of the pieces shown below.

Repeat customers can purchase singles from Bob in the future.

If you want the best in finish for your restoration, look to BULLDOG Custom Graphics part of BULLDOG Art & Sign.

Contact Bob at bulldog-1@neo.rr.com 

It's all about the details......

​A few of Bob's decals on Dave Featheringills 988 restoration