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Before ordering....

Please note we do not sell oil seals. Seals used in all Italian tractors are standard seals available at any bearing / seal supply house. It will cost you less to purchase seals locally as shipping costs exceed the seal cost. See our help pages on how they are measured. Exceptions to that rule are hydraulic seals which we will supply if not readily available. We encourage customers to purchase locally when practical as we do not like to sell items you can purchase elsewhere for less. If we can save you money, we are happy to do it. We never take advantage of our customers. Major components like transmission castings, engine crankshafts, etc. may only be available used. Body parts are no longer made for older tractors.




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Our business is not an actual store front, but a working machine shop. It's easiest to communicate by email, as we do not have reception and often cannot hear the phone above milling machines, welders or air guns. We recommend to everyone needing parts for Pasquali tractors to try and identify the parts you need by using the parts sheets found in our resource section. Please write us using the above email contact and include your name, address and list the parts you need. Include a good description of what your inquiry is about in the subject line. Examples are: Pasquali 993 clutch and pressure plate / Goldoni Universal Headlights / Ferrari 76 PTO shaft. 

Italian Tractors of North America

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We prefer orders by email as it keeps a record for us to work from and prevents misunderstandings. We answer emails daily.