blind hole or hard to remove bearings

Removing a bearing from a shaft in a blind hole (like the rear of a transmission) can be frustrating. An old millwright trick is to take a couple of pieces of threaded rod slightly larger than the space between the races, grind them for a tight fit and weld them to both the inner and outer races with stainless rod. It often helps to anneal the weld areas first by heating with a torch and letting them cool. This will prevent cracking or break out. Once welded in, you can use a standard two arm puller to remove the bearing. Again, remember to coat any nearby critical surfaces including the shaft with anti-splatter. The picture on the lower right is an example of someone not knowing how to remove a bearing from a case, so they used a torch to cut it out and welded it back up. This is a good example of how NOT to do it.

removing bearing races

Removing races can be challenging. The easiest way to remove an outer bearing race from a blind hole is to weld a short bead on the race. This will shrink the race and it should come out easily. Always cover nearby critical surfaces with anti-splatter prior to the weld.


Once you have welded the original race to remove it, you are not going to want to use it again. An old trick is to keep the new race in the freezer over night and quickly tap it in before it expands. It helps to have the case as warm as you can in the shop (it won't work if you are working outside in the winter.

Pasquali throw out (release) bearing

The Pasquali clutch release bearing consists of a carrier (pictured on the upper right), a ball bearing and a steel insert pictured below left. If your carrier and insert are still good, simply press the bearing and face out with a hydraulic press and replace the bearing with a 6007 - 2RS.