Asking for quotations

While we do our best to estimate the cost of parts, it's impossible to guarantee any cost associated with importing parts from Europe.

Shipping represents 40 - 60% of cost and we have no control over fluctuations in currencies. Between the time we place an order and it arrives here, costs can and will change. If we save on costs, you pay less; if it costs us more the price reflects that increase. In most cases, commonly used parts are in inventory and we can quote you exact costs. Recognize orders out of Italy take time and special orders will be a minimum of one month lead time.

Our site is designed to help every mechanic.


Our success is determined by ensuring for yours. European tractor designs differ from conventional tractors - but that shouldn't discourage owners from repairs. It doesn't matter if you are simply trying to keep your tractor running or working on a ground up restoration, our site is designed to help. Look under tractor parts to see what is available and choose tractor repair to get help with your machines major repair groups. Many inexperienced owners have replaced clutches, diesel injection systems and even rebuilt engines and transmissions with our help. We explain how things work and how to fix them. We pride ourselves in enabling people to work on their own machines saving time and money.

We use Canada Post for sending all parts. Courier services are not available where we are located, so mail is our best option. All mail to the United States is by Air so most packages are delivered within seven working days.

We ship just about anywhere

Orders and payment

We use PayPal for invoicing and payments. Since we need your email address for invoicing, we ask you to make all orders by email. This allows us to work from your request which minimizes misunderstandings and mistakes.

We carry hard to find parts.

Unlike conventional tractors, Italian tractors often use articulating frames and air cooled diesels which require parts not commonly found outside of Europe. While most parts have no generic equivalents in North America, there are a few. In cases where available parts can be used or substituted, we reference them so you can find them locally.

We carry a large inventory of commonly needed parts but can special order from Italy if needed.

We also keep an inventory of used Pasquali tractor parts and continue to build on our used parts inventory.

We’re committed to serving you with quality and value.


Our site has been designed to help customers work on their own tractors. Our resource page offers access to hard to find manuals for both tractors and engines. We sell OEM parts for Euro tractors and source some of the best names in the industry.

italian tractors of north America

Tractors are under appreciated marvels of mankind. Less than 2% of the worlds population produces food for the other 98% and without tractor power it would be impossible.

Italian Tractors of North America  is a specialty parts distributor for European made tractors. We started our business restoring North American tractors. After purchasing an old Goldoni Universal 226, we became obsessed with Euro tractor design. Over the years, we have specialized in Euro design tractors and now offer the largest inventory of Pasquali tractor parts in North America. Besides transmission and drive train parts, we stock rebuild kits for Lombardini, Ruggerini and Slanzi diesel engines. We stock injection pumps, nozzles, alternators, regulators, transmission parts, electrical, engine rebuild kits and hydraulics.

Our passion for Italian design and attention to detail make us the first choice in North America for parts and service. We have restored the Pasquali name to a positive experience in North America by offering help, expert advice, friendly service and off the shelf parts.