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ITALIAN TRACTORS OF NORTH AMERICA - Specialty parts for articulating tractors

Hydraulic systems are easy to repair. We stock Italian hydraulic pumps and many hard to find parts for repair.


We're committed to helping customers any way we can. We provide access to hard to find manuals and technical information at no cost.

We help customers repair and restore European tractors. While specializing in Italian tractors, we also work with other European brands.

engine parts

​We stock the largest inventory in North America for Pasquali tractors. We also provide parts and service for Ferrari, Goldoni, Holder and others.

electrical Parts

We stock engine rebuild kits for Lombardini, Ruggerini and Slanzi diesels.

tractor parts

Ideas and tips on cardan joints, axles and drive train.

Drive train

Rebuilding your engine? Besides a large inventory of Italian diesel engine parts; we can help you with useful tips and techniques.


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Pasquali Tractor Parts


Italian tractors of North America provides hard to find parts for European articulating tractors like Pasquali, Ferrari, Goldoni and others.

We offer comprehensive services for Euro tractor owners world wide. If you need assistance with your tractor or can't find parts, contact us and we'll do whatever we can to help.

Check out our resources for hard to find manuals and information on your tractor. We have sourced one of the largest libraries of Pasquali tractor information on the web and provide it to owners at no cost.

Enjoy the site. We hope you find information on your tractor and we will be happy to help you restore or renew it.

We can help you source bearings and seals commonly available in North America and provide you with those not available here.

bearings & seals

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Ideas and tips on modifications when parts are no longer available.


​Repairing your tractor? This section may help you with repair challenges you might encounter with European tractors.

Electrical components break down after years in the sun and weather. In this section we offer useful advice with common electrical problems.

engine repair

electrical repair